Internet connection traffic accounting

iograph is a small programm which counts network traffic passing through a network interface and creates html pages with small bar graphs. Traffic is aggregated on a hourly, daily and monthly basis.

It is written entirely in C without the need for an external scripting language or libraries. Therefore it ideal for small embedded installations like firewalls. Currently only FreeBSD is supported, but the machine depended parts could easily be modified for other systems.


Note: The program internally uses 64 bit counters, but FreeBSD currently exports only 32 bit network interface counters. The program detects if a counter wraps. But if it wraps twice within one hour, it cannot detect this.

iograph is based on IOG - the Input / Output Grapher. Unlike IOG my program is written in C (does not need Perl) and does not use SNMP.



On FreeBSD iograph can be installed from the ports (sysutils/iograph).


If you need help, found a bug, made a change you think its worth including in iograph, and everything else please visit the tracker on Sourceforge and create a new ticket.


iograph stats for one day

Statistic for a single day.

iograph stats for a month

Statistic for one month (several day).

iograph stats for past year

Statistic for all months.